Module and equipment construction

Module and equipment construction2021-06-30T16:34:29+02:00

Customised module and equipment construction

It is unique that these assembly facilities are combined with our own supplying companies, in which automation, robotisation and high quality are central. Our assembly and module construction workers are versatile and flexible. The combination of skilled welders, electricians and assembly workers means that we can assemble almost any type of product or project.

Focus on design and sales organisation

Brands large and small choose to outsource production to a manufacturing assembly partner that can guarantee the qualities and designs required, allowing brands to focus on marketing and sales of products rather than on sourcing quality control of the manufacturability of products. Pillen becomes the partner for producing assembling your modules, machines, devices.

The power of efficiency and planning

We take care of the complete assembly of your product. As Pillen can take care of the entire product and project management, considerable logistical savings can be made. Synchronisation benefits in time and therefore your product composition can be competitive in relation to low-wage countries.

The place where machines and craftsmanship come together 24/7

Total supplier Pillen Metaalbewerkingen works on the basis of co-creation. That means working together towards the goal. The goal is your wish. By working together, we believe we can achieve a better result. You have knowledge and wishes that we combine with our knowledge and machines. This combination enables us both to reach your goal efficiently.